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Random Facts about Shipping Containers

A shipping container has many benefits and uses.  They are interestingly all around us. Whether it is storing items in the back yard, in recycled buildings or on a truck’s back carrying goods to one local departmentstore, shipping containers are much more than simply standard metal boxes. In 1956, Malcom McLean developed the first modern intermodal container. It was designed for replacing the older style of handling break-bulk container. Since then, these have evolved to turn into one of the most useful products across the globe. There is not a single day when one isn’t employing something which has been transported or stored in a shipping container.

  • The first modern shipping container developed by Malcom McLean was 8ft wide and 8ft high. He continued to play a significant role in the development of containers. Soon, McLean founded the Sea-Land Service and the US government in 1967 professed him to begin a container service to South Vietnam
  • A shipping container does not always sink and some of them float actually in the sea for a prolonged time. A 40 foot container in 1993 fell in the Pacific Ocean which was full of toys. Ten months later, toys were still appearing on the coast line of Alaska. Shipping containers are very much dependable, they can serve one for decades. If one takes care of a shipping container with regular maintenance, it could last for about 20 years
  • The total amount of things that can be stored in a container is quite high. Like, 40 foot containers for sale Queensland can hold about 8,000 shoe boxes. However, contribution of China to these containers is too great. As per the estimation, about 97% of the containers are build in China and distributed across the world
  • The biggest ships of container in the world could carry nearly 15,000 to 18,000 standard shipping containers. About 20 million shipping containers travel across the ocean every year
  • Shipping containers could render architects lots of splendid ideas for the future projects. Like for example, an architect based on New Orleans, Stefan Breese converted an old container into a superior quality swimming pool of $7,000
  • However, sleeping in one of these shipping containers is not recommended. Din Islam, a Bangladeshi man determined to sleep inside a shipping container being tired during a twelve hour shift. Waking up, he found that the container was abroad a ship. It was overall a struggle for him as there was nothing to drink or eat in the container.