Certified Containers

A CSC (International Convention for Safe Containers) inspection is required for any shipping container that is older than five years that needs to be either railed within Australia or shipped anywhere in the world. 007 Containers can offer this service. Our professional staff are experienced in this field and can give you professional advice on this matter.
When a container is built, the container must pass the technical requirements of the ‘International Convention for Safe Containers’. This is generally done initially on completion from the factory, whereby the new ISO shipping container is given a CSC plate valid for 5 years.
After that 5-year period each container must be individually assessed and the valid timescale of each CSC plate (normally 12 months) will depend entirely on the structural integrity of each container.

Each CSC plate contains the following information:

  • Date of manufacture
  • Manufacturer’s identification number of the container
  • Maximum Gross Weight (Kg and Lbs)
  • Allowable stacking Weight (Kg and Lbs)
  • Transverse racking test load value

007 Containers can offer a full container inspection and survey under IICL requirements.
If you require your container to be CSC plated, or have a IICL Survey, please contact 007 Containers on 1300 BOX 007