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About Us

Shipping container sales is the back bone of our business.  At 007 Containers we are a friendly team who simply want to offer you a range of shipping containers to choose from so you can solve your storage need.

007 Containers supply containers throughout all of Australia.  Whether your container is required for general storage, shipment overseas or accommodation, please contact our friendly team so we can give you the best advise available.

The best thing about dealing with 007 Containers, is knowing that you will be treated with honesty and respect.  Buying or hiring a container might be a new thing for you.  However, it is not for our team.  We will give you professional advise and will help you along the path to purchasing or leasing a container.

Please send us an online enquiry, send us an email to or call 1300 BOX 007 for more information.

We ensure you get the container you need at the right price

We work with a strategically located network of over 25 container yards in Australia, over fiftytransporters(tilt trays, super tilts, crane trucks, side loaders.)In a globalised industry such as the shipping industry, having a strong operational base of trusted relationships is, in our opinion, the best way to ensure that we can get you the right shipping container at the right price and on time.

We are professional operators, not salespeople

Our team are here to help.  We are chasing happy clients.  We want to make this experience as easy and affordable as possible.  With years of experience in this industry, we pride ourselves on our reputation.  We won’t be satisfied until you have your container on your site on time and on budget.

Here to Help

In our experience, we are all better off if you get the very best option for your needs. If we get to sell you a shipping container we are more than happy enough so we won’t’ try and push you into a specific shipping container type or size. Majority of the time we make a very similar mark-up regardless of the size or type of container you buy, so there is very little bias on our part to try and sway you into a specific option.  What suits you, suits us.  All we want is a happy customer.  A happy customer leads to more business for us and that what we want.

Australian owned Company based

007 Containers is 100% Australian owned and operated.